About ACEO

Our Mission

To build a community through the arts by providing opportunities for appreciation of and the participation in the visual, performing and literary arts

Our Vision

To provide a common ground where people from diverse backgrounds can come together through creative activities which are the spirit of our people through the development of programs that will:

  • Cultivate the visual, performing and literary arts.
  • Foster collaborations with other arts organizations.
  • Provide high quality arts education
  • Build community interest through participation in and presentation of praiseworthy programming

Our Goals

The Arts Council of East Orange will be a multidisciplinary organization encompassing four key functions:

  1. Operate a center for arts education, literary events, and performing arts that is accessible to people of all ages and from all socioeconomic, cultural and ethnic backgrounds.
  2. Serve the community through events, as an advocate for art appreciation, and as a catalyst for artistic activity in the surrounding area
  3. Enhance economic development through the arts initiatives recognizing its impact in the community through the support live/ work housing, retail, restaurant, and order entertainment activities.
  4. Provide support and develop and coordinate structure for local artist in all disciplines.

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